(See abbreviated schedule and session titles below. For full session descriptions, go here.)

Monday September 12

8:00 – 9:00
9:00 – 10:00
The Kansans Can Vision
Dr. Randy Watson
KSDE Commissioner of Education
10:00 – 12:00
Breakout Sessions
12:00 – 1:00
1:00 – 4:00
Breakout Sessions
4:00 – 5:00
Meet the Vendors/Sponsors

Tuesday September 13th

8:00 – 9:00
Meet the Vendors/Sponsors
9:00 – 11:00
Breakout Sessions
11:00 – 12:00
Aligning Kansans Can to School Accreditation
Brad Neuenswander
KSDE Associate Commissioner of Education

  Kindergarten Readiness
Flint Hills Room
Individual Plans of Study
Kings Room
Social Emotional Growth
Konza Prairie Room
Successful High School Graduates
McDowell Room
Post Secondary Success
Tuttle Room
Putting It All Together
Alcove Room
Aligning Early Childhood Programs to Support Kindergarten Success
Vera Stroup (KSDE),
Dayal (KSDE),
Murnan (Greenbush)
IPS From A to Z
Joe Ryan (Smoky
Hill), Joni
Leiker (Colby
Practical Strategies for Teaching Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Competencies
Pattie Noonan
and Amy
Gaumer (University of
Beyond Traditional Assessments:  An Overview of the Rock Creek High School Senior Exit Project
Jessica Augustine-Stegman, Cherrie Lindsey, Sara Miller, Kelllie Milner, and LeAnn Rottinghaus
The Tech Transition: Moving from High School to Certificates, Degrees and the Workforce
Clark Coco, Dean (Washburn University Institute of Technology)
Kansas MTSS Integrated Framework: The Next Generation
Kindergarten Readiness
Murnan (Greenbush),
Mitchell (KSDE)
Kansans Can and Students Can: Putting the Future in Their Hands
Mike Ronen and Sue Jenkins (SWPRSC)
Youth Suicide: Moving from Reaction to Systemic Prevention
Mark Schmidt, Kim Urenda, Cathy Kerr, and Kent Reed (KSDE and Blue Valley USD)
Seniors Empowered… Individual Drive and Purpose for Post Grad Success
Stacy Coulter (Eureka USD)
Opening Doors by Making Connections and Thinking Outside the Box
Patrick Graham and Melissa Strothers  (Santa Fe Trail USD)
It’s Time for a New Committee of 10
Mike Cook and Steve Wyckoff (ESSDACK)
Kindergarten Readiness: What Every Parent and Child Care Provider Needs to Know
Rachel Loersch (Smoky Hill)
What’s Your Plan?
Jodi Grover (ESSDACK and Cheney USD)
Facilitated Discussion
Kent Reed (KSDE), Christina Mann and 
Christin Sheldon  (MTSS), Ken and Judy Hughey (KSU)
Increasing CTE Pathways
Max Heinrichs (Hillsboro USD)
Post Secondary Success
James Regier (Remington Whitewater)
Putting it all Together: What Kansas Say About the Five Priorities
John Morton (Emporia State University), Tim Marshall (Keystone)
Laying the Foundation of School Readiness in Early Childhood
Sheila Sanchez and Kathy Gemaehlich (Bright Beginnings Preschool)
Academic and Career Advising
Aimee Landgren, Jessica Woodrow, and Tony Haag (North Lyon County)
PBIS in an MTSS Elementary: Challenges and Successes 
Dr. Joseph Kelly (Holton USD)
Facilitated Discussion
Jessica Noble (KSDE)
Better Together – Preparing Students for Their Future through Educational Partnerships
Patrick Kelly (Lawrence USD)
Where Do We Start: Prioritizing Goals and Creating Action Plans
Jennifer Hanni (Greenbush)
Coffeyville IS Kindergarten Ready
Dr.Craig Correll, Amanda Cavaness, Leslie Ewy, Samantha Maritt, and Jennifer Bright (Coffeyville USD)
IPSs: A Guide to Making it Useful and Personal
Ryan Bradbury and Jeanna Scheve (Madison-Virgil USD)
Utilizing Community Resources to Address Student Social Emotional Growth
Amber Wheeler (Columbus USD)
Navigating Your Student Clearinghouse Data
Kevin Case (Emporia USD)
Facilitated Discussion
Scott Smith (KSDE)
How to Cultivate a Mindset for Growth
Heather Hundley (Greenbush)
Facilitated Discussion
Tammy Mitchell and Vera Stroup-Rentier (KSDE)
Using College & Career Advocates to Support Individual Plans of Study
Rod Garman, Mike Monaghan, & Daniel Ruda (Seaman USD)
Ignite your INner Greatness as a Leader
Mike Sanders (ESSDACK)
Grow Your Own Teachers
Charles A. Kipp (Garden City School of Public Service)
Changing the Focus
Jarred Furman (Basehor Linwood USD)
(Two Hour Session)
The KESA Accreditation Model “Zero Year”
Part One

Scott Myers and Kelly Slaton (KSDE)
Literacy, Early Learning Standards and Kansas MTSS in Preschool
Chelie Nelson (Kansas MTSS)
Facilitated Discussion
Jay Scott (KSDE)
Meeting the Social/Emotional Growth Outcome: Social, Emotional, and Character Development Standards
Noalee McDonald Augustine and Meg Wilson (Smoky Hill)
Sustaining and Improving Graduation Rates
Lori Jensen (Clearwater)
Preparing Students for Career Success Through Secondary and Postsecondary Partnerships
Travie Riebel (Hutchinson Community College)
The KESA Accreditation Model “Zero Year”
Part Two


(See abbreviated schedule and session titles below. For full session descriptions, go here.)