KSDE is looking forward to which schools and districts will start their redesign journey next year with the applications for Apollo schools. Hopefully you’ve already considered your participation. If you’re still in doubt, contact your local service center and they can help your district analyze whether or not this is an appropriate step for your district.

The expectations for Apollo districts will be similar to those of Gemini II, although the process continues to be improved and refined. Encouraging districts across an entire state to go through a redesign process is new to the entire country! A continuously adjusting process is bound to happen and, as Kansans do, we’re learning from past experiences.

Your Apollo district can be expected to form a team and appoint team leaders. These folks should expect to be out of the classroom quite a bit, although not as many meetings are expected to be conducted as this year. The team will form the “Why” and vision for redesign, determine goals, establish buy-in from staff and community, and continue to keep the staff updated as to how the process is going. Once goals have been set, the work begins on researching possible evidence-based strategies for implementation. Teams from the entire staff will be formed to research and pilot possible strategies. Data will be collected and analyzed to determine which strategies will be the best to move forward with come the next school year. The team will finalize the year by creating an appropriate professional development schedule and the launch documents needed to communicate with KSDE and the local school board on the redesign expectations for the school. The plan will also incorporate current KESA work and how to move forward. Those plans will also be shared with the state BOE.

Service centers are ready to continue supporting the process and working with KSDE by serving as facilitators and coaches. Plans for the implementation for 2019-2020 are still in progress.

If you have any questions about Apollo, redesign or how it fits together with KESA, just contact your local service center! And 3…2…1… lift off!